Sweetgrass & Sage
Subscription Box

Thank You ♥️

So. Much. Gratitude. ♥️
Though this has certainly been a tumultuous year for us all, we did it. In the midst of chaos, we have built something beautiful. Something that honors art and the human spirit, something intended to bless both the companies I work alongside as well as the wonderful recipients of each box.
You have made these ladies dance a jig. You have encouraged them. You have scored some awesome loot. You have helped multiple small businesses STAY OPEN. You have helped mine grow 🥰 you got some great deals!
We have almost sold out 😟 if you’re still hoping to get one, the window is closing fast.
Honestly, I never saw this coming, and I’m humbled and feel so honored by your faith in the good work we are doing. Together. Thank you ♥️

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