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About me:

My name is Annie Atterberry, and I’m the owner of Sweetgrass & Sage.

I grew up in small town South Carolina.

I was the barefoot child at the country club, the goth kid at the prep school,
stereotypical preacher’s daughter,
and even as an adolescent,
I totally marched to the beat of my own drum.

After graduating from art school with a degree in Art Education in 2009, the economy tanked and I found myself as the Activities Director for a nursing home.

I LOVED my residents. I loved spending time for them and helping them do the little things that able bodied people tend to take for granted. I did not love the bureaucracy involved 🥴

I got married to a good man, and together, we fought like hell —through two rounds of IVF—to have our sweet babies. The miracle that exists in the eyes of our children is not lost on me.

In our married life, we fought layoff after layoff as the economy roiled.

We tried our absolute best, but while we could not save our marriage, he is still my best friend, and our new goal is to be rockstar co-parents.

So… after a 10 year gap in my work history, I found myself needing to find a way to support myself and my babies… during a pandemic.

It was absolutely a make it work moment, but ••• Hard times serve to refine us. •••

Out of necessity, and on a quest to reinvent myself, Sweetgrass & Sage was born.

It’s been a wild and wonderful ride—-
and we are just getting started.

Thank you for giving me permission to believe in myself, to trust myself, and to make a way for my family —- while helping other women make a way for theirs. ♥️

Hope your day is good, and thanks for stopping by!

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